The Road To A Dream

Yoga Teacher Training

As many of you know, I bought the Yoga Centre of Niagara September 2016.  I had taken a few yoga classes and really had no yoga practice.  My years of life coaching, a regular meditation practice and being a Reiki Master coupled with my business experience made it a great move.  And yes I have taken classes over the past year and a half…nothing really regular…I always seem to have such good reasons for not being on the mat…or are they really only good excuses!!!???!!!  Many of you have also heard me say, “I will never become a yoga teacher…I love the philosophy and all that…and I can’t even do a forward fold!”  Well all of that is about to change!!


Beginning September 2018, Yoga Centre of Niagara will have the first class of Yoga Teacher Training!  One day while planning the training, I was sitting with Amanda (Tripp) and Tony (Murdock).  Looking at some of the pages was like reading a different language…because it IS a different language!!!  After Tony left, Amanda and I were sitting at the table, when she looked up at me and said exactly what I was thinking, “You need to take the teacher training program.”  The thought of learning more about yoga philosophy and Sanskrit THRILLS me!!  The thought of overcoming my forward fold perceived inadequacies TERRIFIES me! It is a lot of hard work.  I have 8 months to train for teacher training!!  That means regular classes, meditation workshops and other yoga workshops. My teacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Excuses Be Gone!”

Some Progress

It has been a few weeks now of yoga several classes a week.  My Uttanasana (forward fold) has improved a little.  Some very old injuries have surfaced…like a test to see if this is what I really want to do!!  These injuries are my teachers.  They are my courage builders.  They are a test of my own strength.  I am learning to appreciate them.  It is a painful process.  And it is sooooo worth it.

I think great actions require great courage. I am going to let you in on a big secret of mine…I have always wanted to have a school.  I want place where people can learn and grow in many different disciplines.  I want a place where students can learn from the best.  Having Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Centre is definitely the start!  It is scary for me.  It takes courage to stand on the edge of your dream and take a big leap…trusting that all the pieces will come together.  I am willing and able to take the leap…fingers crossed!!!

Group jumping

Let’s Talk:

What fear is keeping you from reaching out and grabbing your dream?

Take the leap with me!  For more information about our Yoga Teacher Training click here.

See you on the mat!


Update August 2021:

It is hard to believe that was three years ago!! Thank goodness I took that training!! I was able to teach during the pandemic!!

Not only that, I am now a teacher in the YTT program! I have used my life coaching skills to teach personal development using a study of the yama and niyama! It really is an honour!!

Are you ready to take the leap??

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