Learning Meditation Changed My Life

I never thought of myself as a meditator.  Through the years, I would try learning various types of meditation on line to no avail.  Then one day, I tried mantra meditation and I LOVED it!  It gave my mind “something to do” and meditation became easier for me.  I did meditate more often and yet, I didn’t commit to a regular practice.

Then something changed…and it started with a man.

I was in a relationship that just didn’t “feel right.”  I didn’t follow my intuition.  Something really wasn’t right!!  When it ended, gratefully sooner rather than later, I was left feeling unbalanced and ungrounded.  That sparked my commitment to meditate every day for one year – NO EXCUSES!!


Boy oh boy did my life begin to change!

Within 6 weeks, I started to reclaim responsibility for my own intuitive voice and use it as my guide.  I also had decided to change my career path.  Five months later, I had a conversation about meditation with Cheryl Gordon (while she was getting her hair done).  That conversation led to really changing my career path and buying the Yoga Centre of Niagara!  One year later, I was sitting at my desk in the Yoga Centre looking online for a meditation teacher.

Yoga had taught me that nothing beats having the experience of a live yoga class.  I wanted to bring meditation to the Centre.  Having the right teacher was essential!  I had taught a meditation workshop.  Even though it was successful, I knew I didn’t have the depth of knowledge to develop an entire program.

I had come across a picture of Tony Murdock and thought, “He has the kindest eyes.”  He was committed to another studio and was unavailable at the time, so my search continued.

Tony Murdock

Then one day, Jacquie (Boychuk) sent me a Facebook message. “I think Tony Murdock is available.”

She added, “If you ever want a meditation teacher, you want him.  Tony is the one who started my love for mantras and mudras.”  Jacquie also gave me a link to his bio.  I was reading the bio when Cheryl came to me between classes and said, “I hear Tony Murdock may be available.  I always wanted him to teach here and he was not available.  Put your business hat on and go get him!!”  Trusting my intuition, I went straight to his contact info and sent him an email!  We set up a meeting and he came to the Centre.  When he got to the Centre, the first thing Tony wanted to do was feel the energy in the Studio! The more we talked, the more excited I got.

Tony Murdock is the REAL DEAL!!

I was so excited to have him as part of our teaching team, I cried.  Now people could experience meditation and have their lives change like mine did!  We have an expert here to lead the way!

Let’s Talk: Meditation is the missing piece to the peace puzzle.  It is something everyone needs to try…in my humble opinion.  Tony is starting a four week series Introduction to Meditation.  .  You will learn several simple, effective meditation techniques.  Meditation can help to reduce physical stress and calm the restless mind.  The series runs Tuesday March 27 to April 17 from 5:15 to 6:45 pm. The investment is $100 + HST. 

Enhance the quality of your life with meditation!!

See you on the mat!

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