Just For Today

When my thoughts become busy and blurry, can I celebrate a moment of clarity…just for today?

When I am feeling insecure about trying something new, can I discover a little courage…just for today?

When I look in the mirror, can I love something I see, just for today?

When my world feels overwhelming, can I find the power of my breath…just for today?

When I want to hold on tightly, can I loosen my grip and slowly let go…just for today?

When I am feeling angry, afraid, hurt and frustrated, can I give myself compassion…just for today?

When my world looks and feels drab, can I find a glimpse of colour…just for today?

When I am caught up in how things should be, can I open up to accepting the ways things really are…just for today?

When I want to focus on our differences, can I see and appreciate our sameness…just for today?

When I _________, can I __________…just for today?

Yes…Yes I can…just for today.

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4 thoughts on “Just For Today”

  1. Hello and thank you for the newsletter!

    I loved Laurie-Anne Lamothe’s poem “Just for Today”, It’s beautiful.

    Please continue to share your newsletter, your wonderful opportunities, and your good information.

    Thank you and happy holidays.



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