Laurie-Anne Lamothe

Close To My Heart

As a child, I really loved church.  I loved the feeling of devotion, especially when I was singing.  My song became my prayer.  It was my practice of devotion, my meditation and my strength.  Ave Maria can still bring me … Read More

Building A Vision

With the New Year approaching, most of us take some time to reflect on the year that is reaching its conclusion.  Many of us set resolutions, big dreams and ponder what the next year brings us.  There are others who … Read More

My Yoga Journey

By: Jacqueline Boychuk The following is a little poem I wrote many years ago. When I look back at this poem I can now find compassion, love and understanding, as I imagine hugging my younger Self. There is no AIR … Read More

Learning Meditation Changed My Life

I never thought of myself as a meditator.  Through the years, I would try learning various types of meditation on line to no avail.  Then one day, I tried mantra meditation and I LOVED it!  It gave my mind “something … Read More

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