Laurie-Anne Lamothe

Can trauma sit inside our bodies?

It’s in the air…can you feel it?  The tension…chaotic energy.  Yes, there was a full moon this week.  Yes, in Southern Ontario the weather is changing so quickly…we can experience all seasons in one hour!  It is something more than … Read More

My big expansion of 2023

Nearly seven years ago, I was presented with the opportunity to purchase the Yoga Centre of Niagara.  I had never planned to be a yoga teacher.  I had been a life coach for more than sixteen years.  I was also … Read More

2023 My Word of the Year

As many of you know, each new year, I pick a word that I focus on.  Usually, I start to see the word.  It seems to magically appear.  This year was different.  I have been spending some time focusing on … Read More

Just For Today

When my thoughts become busy and blurry, can I celebrate a moment of clarity…just for today? When I am feeling insecure about trying something new, can I discover a little courage…just for today? When I look in the mirror, can … Read More

Flexibility:  My New Perspective

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I can’t do yoga.  I’m not flexible.  I can’t even touch my toes!”  I have even said it…multiple times!!  Recently I began to ponder, “Why do we think flexible is defined … Read More

my word of 2022 is….

It started over 17 years ago with the word BELIEVE. Every year a word finds me and I focus on that word for a year. There has been peace, vision, trust, grow, grace and love. During 2021, my word was … Read More

Close To My Heart

As a child, I really loved church.  I loved the feeling of devotion, especially when I was singing.  My song became my prayer.  It was my practice of devotion, my meditation and my strength.  Ave Maria can still bring me … Read More

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