10 Things about Laurie-Anne

Who likes to talk about themselves? I don’t!! During a marketing conversation last fall, Rianna Reid suggested I write this blog post. All though I resisted…it turned out to be a lot of fun!!

Here are some things you may or may not know about me.

1.It might not surprise you that I was born on a Friday afternoon.  I am known for my big heart and deep love.  I was born this way! “Friday’s child is loving and giving.” ~Monday’s Child (1838)

“Friday’s child is loving and giving.”  — Monday’s Child (1838)

2. I love the colour purple.  Purple is a high vibration colour and is the colour of celebration, creation and courage.  I infuse everything I do with a little splash of purple.

Fun Fact: I love to write on purple paper when I am designing a yoga class.

3. In Grade 8, my nickname was Reverend Lamothe because during the morning announcements, I would say the Lord’s Prayer with such reverence.  I feel that respect needs to be given to any sacred text even with the prayers that we use every day. 

Fun Fact: I own over 20 different translations of the Bible.  I have read it from cover to cover more than once. 

4. I could talk before I could walk and I walked at 10 months old.  I’ll admit it…I am a bit of a chatterbox!!  It is how I handle stress.  However, I am exceptionally introverted!!  What??!!??  Yep!  It’s true.  One on one conversations are my jam. Comfort in large groups of people is something I am working on.  I had to learn the skill of talking which comes in really handing when you are delivering an inspirational talk in front of 500+ people.  I started taking drama in Grade 5 and it really helped!  I’ve been delivering inspirational talks since I was 17.

Fun Fact: I was featured in Women’s World Magazine!

5. I cry every single day…rarely because I am sad or upset.  Most of my tears are tears filled with love, gratitude and joy.  There is nothing that makes me cry more than watching someone’s dreams come true.  I even cried when my son met Dudley the Dragon!

Fun Fact:  I know someone who ran away to join the circus!

6. I am named after my Grandpa, Laurie.  My gift of intuition comes from his heritage.  He taught me how to play cribbage and shoot a rifle.  He used to tell me that if I concentrated really hard, I could feel the where the card I wanted was in the deck.  I am sure this is why I love oracle/tarot cards. 

Fun Fact: Emilie-Anne is named after my Dad, Emile.

7. I know the difference between a robertson and a phillips.   They are screwdrivers!  I am really quite handy.  Changing a door lock, replacing a toilet and installing a plug are part of my skill set.  I have fixed my oven and recently replaced the drain hose on my washing machine.

Fun Fact: My brother gave me a set of pliers for Christmas in 1986.  I still have those pliers today! 

8. At one point, I wanted to be a lawyer.  Social justice is very important to me.  Making a difference in the world was important and I thought law was the best way to do it.  Accepted to law school, I had exhausted OSAP. As a result, I am not a lawyer.

Fun Fact: I was a make up artist by trade.  I’ve done a makeover on a live national television show.  I was invited to do makeup for New York fashion week.  I didn’t go…remember…introvert.

9. Learning and teaching are passions of mine. I tutored algebra and calculus in university.  I love numbers and math and have taken math courses just for fun!!  One of my gifts is ability to break down difficult concepts into understandable pieces.  You can see that in action if you have every taken a yoga class or have had a personal development session with me.

“When you learn, teach.” ~Maya Angelou

10. 99% of the time, everything I do has a deeper meaning.  Kismet means fate and destiny.  It is the name of the colour of the door at the Yoga Centre of Niagara.  Every time someone walks through that door, there is a deeper purpose for them being there. 

I know that there is more to life than what we see and I believe in all that is seen and unseen.  All that you need is within you. 

You are the key!

10 thoughts on “10 Things about Laurie-Anne”

  1. So good to hear from you! I admire your positive personality and perseverance during these difficult times! I am in Florida until late April. I have received both Covid shots but continue to be careful! I can’t wait until your studio is open again for good.
    Please continue to send me any news.
    Keep up your great work. It means a lot to us! Cheers Jane Rubin

  2. Very interesting facts about you!! I’m curious about the magazine article that you were featured in. Maybe that will be in a later communication.
    I’m enjoying the classes and like the morning times.

    Enjoy your day Laurie-Anne and Emilie.

  3. This is beautiful Laurie-Anne,
    Thank you for sharing a part of your personal self. I defiantly feel love and acceptance when I walk into your studio.

  4. Walking through the Kismet door (even before it’s makeover!) has been transformative for me. You are an enabler in the best sense of the word. When we meet new friends after a lifetime of adventures, learning about others journeys helps us to understand join in their song.


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