YOGA CENTRE of Niagara
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Welcome.... your journey to healing begins here!

Therapeutic Yoga can help you:

* Relieve chronic pain without surgery or drugs

* Learn to
sleep more soundly                

* Use breath to calm

* Manage weight with a balanced & compassionate approach to diet and movement

Enjoy life more fully
The YOGA CENTRE of Niagara
24 A Front St South,  Thorold ON  L2V 1W9
Cheryl 905 328 3397
Cheryl Gordon, owner and head yoga therapist, assists a student to relax in Child's Pose.
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Cheryl preparing to share practice at the studio.

We believe that yoga is for Every Body, including yours.  Our studio is a friendly, welcoming place (handicapped accessible) where you can explore the ancient healing practices of yoga, meditation and holistic wellness. 

The therapeutic approach at the Yoga Centre of Niagara means that your safety and comfort is respected at all times, while you are encouraged to explore just beyond old habits.  There is a challenge for all levels of fitness and experience.  We offer traditional forms of yoga such as:

      Hatha                 Restorative                 Iyengar                      Vinyasa
      Chakra               Meditation                   Yoga Nidra              Yoga Therapy 

You can choose from group classes, private therapeutic sessions or enlightening workshops.  The first step to feeling better now is just a click away!
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Beginner Yoga Class starts in September.

Fall Schedule
has begun.  Click above for details.

Early Bird Pricing
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Purchase your fall unlimited membership before Sept 13 and save $20!  Regular price is $215.  Click here to preview the classes.

Yoga for Weight Loss
A compassionate and practical approach including diet, exercise, mindfulness and rest.  Click here for more details.

Yoga for Neck & Shoulders
Learn the anatomy and find strategies to relieve your tension and injury pain.
Click here for more details.

Yoga for Anxiety
Yoga tools like breathwork, movement and relaxation can really help.  Click here for more info.

Enjoy this 30 minute guided relaxation/stretch.  Called the Joint Freeing Series, it will help any body to feel better now!

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